We were approached by Brandising firm, Under the Radar, to help International fabric company, Welspun, create a new way for customers to discover their area rugs in retail stores.

Design Process

The problem with shopping for area rugs is that they’re often rolled up or stacked in piles on the floor, which makes them difficult to move and go through all the design patterns and textures. Another issue is that customers often don’t know what shapes and size rugs to choose that best fit their room environment, and that indecision leads to potential customers leaving the store without making a purchase.

We went to Home Depot and observed the customer experience in area rugs.

UX Methods

We made an affinity diagram to brainstorm and organize the data we collected.

User Insights

We made personas from customer behavior, questions, and comment we gathered.

Customer Journey Map

We make journey maps for the personas, stakeholders, and touchpoints in the customer experience.

Design Decisions

Through the UX process we were able to evaluate the current area rug shopping experience, and iterate ways it could be improved with a digital experience.

Project Results

The final application included 58 area rugs that could be found through many cross channel explorations. Customers could swipe through styles and textures and instantly choose a color or pattern they want with quick menu buttons above the products. The app also suggests design ideas for various rooms to help educate customers at the point of sale. Users can call over a sales associate with the touch of a button; and when they find their dream rug they can buy it directly from the kiosk and have it delivered to their home the same day! If a customer needs more time to decide on a purchase they can send an image of their favorite rugs to their email and share them on social media. The software tracks what rugs are most popular, manages inventory data, and streamlines the supply chain.

The kiosk debuted at Welspun’s 5th Ave showroom in New York during Market Week in Sept 2016, and was a huge success. Welspun had orders from retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes, who have integrated them into some of their stores. The end result of the project is that the application accomplished what it set out to do in making it ‘fun to find the perfect rug‘.

The Showroom kiosk was most engaging and provided a comprehensive, seamless customer experience. Additionally, the expertise, development and support from IDC was of the highest caliber…real time partnership at every stage.  -Denis Glenon, UTR/Welspun


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