Strategic Design

iDesign Café is a global design agency that uses a human-centered, design-based approach to help organizations and businesses innovate and grow. We specialize in hardware and software solutions as well as branding and experience design. Our core purpose is not only to help our clients with creative ideas and insights, but to develop strategic solutions to help them sell more.

Design Thinking


At iDesign, we visualize, formulate and choreograph solutions that are not yet available. We watch and interpret customer needs and behaviors to transform them into potential future services. The interaction between people, product and place – and how a product or system can affect our behavior – lies at the heart of our practice.


Our Products

Interactive Design Café offers a range of touchscreen hardware and software solutions to meet the need of any retail, exhibition or installation space. We offer the most variety of touch tables, kiosks and digital signage products in the market.


Our Clients

We have worked with universities and government institutions, the world’s leading financial firms, along with auto manufacturers and top retail brands on a variety of challenging and collaborative projects.

Client List

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Partner with us to innovate your customer experience. Our design agency offers end-to-end solutions from service design consulting to custom branded hardware and software development.

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