Multitouch Tables enhance customer engagement

TOUCH IS SENSORY, INTUITIVE, AND ENGAGING. As people have become familiar with mobile devices and tablets, they want the same experience in public venues. Touchscreens can greatly simplify customer interactions and transactions by providing a fast and intuitive interface for users. Studies have demonstrated that touch displays improve collaboration, enhance communications, and engage an audience better than traditional media.

Multitouch Tables are innovative, intuitive, natural, and incredibly collaborative. They merge the digital with the physical world.

iDesign Café creates the most stylish and versatile Multiouch Tables on the market. We design and manufacture full size touch tables, touchscreen coffee tables, and children’s touch tables; as well as make custom multitouch tables for our clients. Contact us to explore the options available in regard to touch technology, display size and resolution, and the computer specs that best meet your needs, time, and budget. All of our touch products are A+ Commercial Class and at the Pinnacle of art, design, and technology. See Catalog

Our Multitouch Tables come with a 1 Year Warranty, and include a licensed pre-installed copy of Windows 10 OS. We have a large selection of designs, and can create your dream touch table with low MOQ and only 30 days manufacturing time.  We also develop dynamic touch software applications to offer end-to-end branded content for experiences such as self-service restaurant menus, retail experience portals, real estate plat maps, wayfinding directories, and more… Touchscreens are a natural and effective way to not only present information, but make create an interactive experience in public spaces like airports, museums, auto showrooms, trade shows, hotels, banks, hospitals, retail stores, and many other venues.

Touch Screen Tables