Multitouch Tables enhance customer engagement

TOUCH IS SENSORY, INTUITIVE, AND ENGAGING. As people have become familiar with mobile devices and tablets, they want the same experience in public venues. Touchscreens can greatly simplify customer interactions and transactions by providing a fast and intuitive interface for users. Studies have demonstrated that touch displays improve collaboration, enhance communications, and engage an audience better than traditional media.


Touch tables merge the digital with the physical world

V i e w  C a t a l o g

Interactive Design Café designs and builds touch tables for businesses, brands, and everyday people. Our capacitive touch tables use high response touch glass and HD or 4K Ultra HD commercial displays made for 24/7 continuous use. We make our tables from steel, aluminum, wood, and other materials and processes. Interactive touch tables facilitate user experience by connecting users to information, entertainment, advertising, or self-service at your fingertips. We sell touch tables in all shapes and sizes from full size touch tables, touchscreen coffee tables, touch restaurant tables, or touch tables for children. Possible add-ons are casters, headphones, sensors, and travel case. Our Multitouch Tables come with a standard 1 Year Warranty that can be upgraded to our 3 Year MultiCare Plus. We sell direct and Worldwide. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so feel free to get in touch.

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