Interactive Multitouch Tables innovate your customer experience

iDesign Café helps retailers create both an efficient and highly-engaging customer experience by offering the most versatile multitouch products on the market that meet the needs of both traditional transactional applications, as well as emerging in-store branding innovation.

iDesign Café has the latest 4K Multitouch Tables that present the biggest development in multitouch table technology since the advent of LCD displays. Wow your clients at your next trade show or event with a 4K multi-touch table in full 3840 x 2160 resolution.

While TVs might lack 4K content, computer-based interactive applications just need to be authored to take advantage of this new resolution. Applications designed for 4K displays will be incredibly sharp and eye-catching. Our 4K multitouch tables are the perfect solution for 4K gaming presentations, auto showrooms, architectural firms, museums, trade shows or any application where extreme graphic experience is critical.

Multitouch Tables are innovative, intuitive, natural, and incredibly collaborative. They merge the digital with the physical world.

Touch Tables are taking the market by storm. As users have become familiar with mobile devices and tablets they want the same experience on public venue displays. Studies have demonstrated that touchscreen displays improve collaboration, enhance communications, and engage an audience better than traditional media. Touchscreens provide a fast and intuitive interface for users and can greatly simplify customer interactions and transactions. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections. No keyboard is required, saving space and complexity.

iDesign Café has become a leader in our industry by offering the most versatile and well designed Touch Tables on the market. Our touch tables have the latest technology, powerful computers, and 4K displays to provide the most engaging graphical experiences. Our multitouch tables are at the pinnacle of art, technology, and design. See Catalog

Touch Screen Tables

Our touch table products are known for their original designs, exceptional quality, affordable price and unbeatable performance. We develop both hardware and software for tradeshows, museum exhibits, universities, auto showrooms, hotels, banks, real estate, restaurants, retail and shopping malls.