Incredible New smart home touchscreen coffee table with 2 cooler drawers, wireless charging zones on the glass top, high quality bluetooth speakers, and LED smart home control system. In the age of Alexa and IoT products this is the perfect center piece for a living room, office, game room, or lounge. Available in your choice of  32″ or 42″ display size with 10 point capacitive touchscreen. Beautiful modern design with soft curves edges to prevent injury from bumping.

12mm rubber feet enables ventilation and heat dissipation while protecting the floor.  The table has a LED touch button on the top corner to control refrigeration with independent temperature zones from 33-53°F, high quality bluetooth 4.2 audio system. Everything on this table has been thought out and perfected including the custom power cord designed to hide in the corner at a 90 angle.  The top is made of 5mm toughened back glass that is wear-resistant and easy to clean.


Interactive Design Café is dedicated to creating new and exciting multi-touch technology that serve a wide variety of commercial markets and luxury smart home markets. By combining both advanced software with high performance multi-touch hardware, our solutions provide the most engaging user experience for your brand.