Self-Service Kiosks streamline the customer journey

Touchscreen Kiosks provide people with quick and convenient access to information and services, wayfinding, security check-in, presentations, etc, with minimal interaction with staff.  As society has embraces the digital world, touch kiosk installations have become critical touch points in spaces such as transportation, office buildings, hotels, retail showrooms, government, and other public spaces.


Wayfinding and Lobby Kiosks direct visitors to areas and services

Wayfinder Kiosks, sometimes known as a Directory Information Kiosk or a Building Directory Kiosk are an ideal way to provide visitors with a simple method of finding their way to their destination as quickly as possible, with the minimum of interaction with members of your staff. They are typically provided as ADA accessibility compliant, and with multiple language options.

V i e w  C a t a l o g

Interactive Design Café designs and builds touch screen kiosks for businesses and brands. We make our touch kiosks from steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials and processes. Our kiosks have tempered waterproof touch glass, 24/7 LG commercial  displays,  and powerful computers configured to your requirements. We offer a range of styles, and can make custom kiosk designs to your liking. Possible add-ons are cameras, RFID, credit card terminals, tickets, printers, scanners and more. We sell direct and Worldwide.  All of our Interactive Kiosks come with a standard 1 Year Warranty that can be upgraded to our 3 Year MultiCare Plus. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so feel free to get in touch.

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