Strategy+Design Thinking bring unique value your organization

Faced with the choice of transformation or disruption, many market-leading companies are adapting a creative approach long practiced by designers. Design thinking is a work methodology that can transform businesses into customer-obsessed innovators.

But the question is not whether to think or build: the question is when to build, when to think, and the how of either. And the answer lies in understanding where we are on the journey of creating new opportunities.

CAPABILITY— the realm of what you can do — is not the problem; the question is, of all the things you can do, which ones should you do? For example, of all the mobile, retail, data and service experiences possible for your customers, which ones should you create?

We can help you along this journey by advising the of best methods to meet your desired result, comparing available technologies and the cost of deployment.  Our knowledge of technology and experience design will help you uncover insights into digital transformation that provide a clear path forward.

Interactive Design Café has made it our purpose to help organizations create meaningful experiences. We are designers, artists, coders and craftsmen who share an appetite for creating cutting-edge work at the intersection of art, technology and people. Our solutions help companies to integrate their digital presence into the physical world; such as touch tables in a museum, or an endless isle kiosks in a retail showroom, digital signage totems in shopping malls and airports, and branded experiential pop-up events. We sell products to many customers with creative teams and can execute full service end-to-end service or just sell you the technology that will make your project a success. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel free to get in touch.

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