With the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic shutting down entire economies across the globe, iDesign Cafe has shifted focus to developing a line of temperature screening devices in response to help businesses reopen and screen for disease. Tests have shown that thermal imaging solutions can be used with a high degree of accuracy, and could prove to be a valuable tool in prevention of the disease through screening and other methods.  Among the places that temperature screening devices will play a vital role moving forward include commercial buildings, transportation hubs, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and sports and entertainment venues.


The question is not whether businesses should screen customers and employees before entry, but exactly how they should screen them? Do companies dedicate their own staff, hire a new employee, or contract with a professional service to screen temperatures? What are the guidelines and materials needed to do a temperature screening procedure? The fact is having a person at the door in medical garb, and interacting with every person in close proximity is not only a risk, but adds more stress to the process. Automated temperature screening on the other hand is effortless, fast, and creates a safe trusted environment that eases the tension, fear, and anxiety people often feel after a pandemic.

Automated Pass Management Temperature Screening Device

Automated Temperature devices require no physical interaction. The person simply looks at the camera and gets a temperature reading in seconds. Facial recognition checks-in and maintains records of the individual temperatures. The fact is that people don’t shop, travel, or eat out as much when they’re worried about getting a fatal disease, so it’s of vital importance for governments and business owners to take the necessary steps to assure public confidence in their environments to reduce the risk of infection, and put their patrons at ease. Automatic temperature screening devices keep spaces safe and build consumer confidence.

Make your workplace a safe and trusted environment. Automated temperature screening kiosks are the perfect solution for restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses, retail stores, factories, gyms, transportation hubs, etc.  Not only will customers thank you, but employees appreciate knowing their work environment is safe.

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Interactive Design Cafe is a global leader in digital signage and marketing technology that serves all sectors of industry from government to banking and education, to business, retail and digital out of home DOOH. In response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we designed thermal scanners to stop the spread of disease and help businesses open up and recover. Please see our Product Catalog and browse our website for more information about our company, and how we can help innovate your business. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel to get in touch.