Experiential Marketing transforms customer experience

The way people buy things has drastically changed. Purchases happen across many channels, beyond walls and locations. Today’s commerce is more targeted and more personalized than ever. People have higher expectations for how they interact and engage in their out of home experiences. They expect the same convenience they get with their digital media, smart appliances or mobile apps. They seek out the experiences that pay off in the same way their current digital lifestyle does.

Experiential marketing creates an emotional attachment to a product or service. It also represent a means through which a company can gain competitive advantage by differentiating itself from competitors.

V i e w  C a t a l o g


Engage shoppers thoroughly, creating an intimacy that improves receptiveness to message and promotion. These experiences also serve as entertainment, keeping customers in the store for longer periods of time.

Promote new products, discounts and loyalty programs with eye-catching graphics on interactive screens, pushed to personal mobile devices, near point-of-sale, to create purchase impulse.

Increase revenue with endless aisle kiosks to avoid lost sales when items are out of stock, offer a wider selection of products beyond those available in the physical store, and reduce or eliminate floor space requirements.

Enable your omni-channel strategy by collecting then merging in-store data with your Web and mobile analytics.




Interactive Design Café can help you conceive and create immersive digital experiences that connect people with your brand. We have an impressive array of AV marketing technologies that will help you integrate incredible immersive experiences that can be scaled across your organization. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so feel free to get in touch.

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