3D Mapping of Buildings, Campus, and Landscape

We model the inside and outside of your building. We will import your map, scale it properly to the right coordinates and complete your 3D map dataset. Our amazing team of artists will carefully craft a digital likeness of your campus. Users will be able to move and rotate these maps using touch gestures like pinches, swipes, zooms, and scrolls with seamless transitions between screens.

Animated Path Routing to Destinations

Routes can be created by adding hotspot with the ability to select various types of route designs from solid lines to animated arrows that make finding destinations easy. Our software will automatically find the quickest path to the destination or can be rerouted manually.

Integration with Google Maps for External Routes

The way finding software will seamlessly integrate with Google Maps API to find the fastest route to external destinations.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System makes it easy to update the school directory, make routing changes, schedule updates, reroute detours during construction, update schedules and events, and instantly publish updates over the cloud without any coding knowledge. Our system works with a publisher CMS and requires a designated Player for each display/computer running the way finding system. Both our Publisher CMS and Kiosk Players are a perpetual license, so there is no need to renew annually.

Data Tracking Analytics

Our software will track every touch made on the way finding software, to give your organization valuable insight into popular destinations, search queries, events, etc. that will allow your team to intelligently fine-tune your way finding experience.

Carry 2 Mobile

Any route can be instantly sent to an IOS or Android mobile device by scanning an auto generated QR code to their destination. Visitors can then continue along their routes using the way finding system on their mobile phones without the need for first downloading any application from an app store, by way of our cloud based mobile software. Carry to mobile syncs with updates from your CMS and provides the bandwidth and hosting to support up to 25000 wayfinding queries per month.

Augmented Reality Wayfinding

We utilize the IOS AR Kit SDK to create an augmented reality way finding app to send user-chosen wayfinding paths to their mobile phone that becomes viewable through the visitors mobile phones camera. *This feature is an optional update and is currently only available for Apple iPhone or iPad IOS devices.

Dedicated Project Manager

We will assign a dedicated project manager to work closely with stakeholders to help our designers and programmers develop a customized wayfinding experience that has all the functions you require and best represents your organization. Your project manager will know your project intimately from kickoff to installation, training and over the lifespan of your way finding system.

Online Training

We will show your team how to make updates to the CMS so your staff can be confident in knowing how to maintain and update your way finding system.

1 Year Warranty, Remote Support, and Installation

Our Wayfinding software includes a 1 year warranty that can be extended to 2 years at time of purchase. Our warranty provides remote support and troubleshooting assistance. We will also go on-site to install the way finding software into your kiosks to get everything running perfectly in time for your grand opening.

About Us

Interactive Design Café has been designing, developing and deploying specialized Interactive Multi-Touch solutions since 2012. We have won numerous awards such as the Microsoft Code 7 Contest, and AT&T’s most innovative developer awards in 2013, 2014, and 2016, and are recognized as an industry leader for multi-touch interface design and user interface design excellence. Our industry-leading, touch software is compatible with all major platforms and touch-based devices.