Seasoned professional with 20+ years in branding, print, graphics, web, and touch applications.

HTML, CSS, WordPress, Shopify, Adobe Cloud, Webflow, InVision, Axure, Sketch


Always learning and investigating the latest technology, design trends and methods. Participation in UX workshops with human-computer interaction and web usability expert, Steve Krug,  Don’t make me think’; and one of the most knowledgeable communicators on the subject of user experience, Jared Spool, UX Strategy.  OC UX Bootcamp and ADC / GDC app developer conference. Won the AT&T developer summit hackathon in Las Vegas for Best IoT App 2014, and Most innovative App 2016.

Enormous success in digital marketing across all channels from organic SEO, Google PPC campaigns, Facebook ads and managing social media for brands, to understanding the data, A/B testing, and making smart decisions to get the most for each advertising dollar.

Top organic placement for targeted keywords within 6 months.

Google touch table and Interactive Design Cafe appears in the top 1-3 positions out of 900,000,000 results.


Areas of interest

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive Experiences, Experiential Marketing, Omnichannel Retail, Graphic Design, 3D Animation, UI, UX, CX, XR, HCI, AV Tech, Sound Design


I love collaborating on exciting projects that push the limits of  technology, design, and people. I have a broad range of successful installations in sectors such as government, banking, technology, education, museum, trade show, automotive, hospitality, and retail.

Some of my clients

I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position and your needs for the role. Feel free to explore this website to see what what I’ve been up to the past 8 years. Please contact me if you think I’m a good fit in your company and we can discuss how I can help your organization.