We partnered with Gensler and Office Revolution to create a capacitive touch coffee table for the new Ernst and Young offices in Atlanta. Digital Transformation is the force driving the next wave of evolution in corporate workspace, and is already having a major impact in financial services, professional services, technology and media, and is beginning to penetrate most other industries.





To succeed in the digital economy, companies need to be well connected to flows of knowledge. The workspace will need to foster that connectedness. It must provide the technology, tools, and environment that enable seamless collaboration and information-sharing both inside the organization and also with customers, suppliers, partners and others on the outside. Agile innovations require workspaces spaces that support those activities.

Interactive Design Cafe offers an extensive range of customer experience technologies such as multitouch tables, interactive kiosks, digital signage, projection and holographic technologies. These technologies make customer service for business as smart and connected as the world we live in. iDesign’s products and solutions are custom designed to meet your brand objectives and goals. We will work with you from the initial idea, through to designing and developing the experience and user journey, creating the content, choosing the right hardware and installing the final experience. Every experience is unique and no matter the size of project we will approach it with the same professionalism. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel to get in touch and have a look at some of our client project examples below. Contact us for a free consultation.