In the last few years, we have seen retailers are struggling to adopt the right omnichannel strategy. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data Analysis are becoming part of their digital transformation plan. Everything that they are doing is to provide a frictionless customer experience.



It is no secret that the online buying is eating up a large percentage of the in-store purchase. It is also no secret that retailers with no omnichannel solution are lagging behind the rest. Analyzing this from a customer’s point of view, I found probably the single most important incentive of buying online is the availability of a wider choice. Having wider choice at times is more lucrative than price. With the limitation of space, availability of products within the store is always an issue. I strongly feel that an issue could turn out to be a great opportunity and exactly that has been achieved through Endless Aisle.



Endless Aisle as the name suggests is an inventory which is endless. This could be the only answer to the customer’s endless demand. A store can never fulfill an endless demand so you extend your store inventory to your warehouse or beyond by making the product available over a virtual aisle. As a result, you don’t disappoint a customer with your limited physical stock. The possibility could be achieved by various means and one of the popular ideas is to keep a kiosk in your store where the customer can browse products and order them from the store even when the product is not physically available in the store. The concept not only solves the issue of capacity constraints of your physical store but creates an analogy between the brand’s offline and online presence. Endless Aisle truly gives infinite possibilities to customers and retailers.