City officials cut a virtual ribbon on a huge 12×5 panel touch wall for the opening ceremony at The Alberta Gateway Innovation and Discovery Center.

After the Alberta community was destroyed by the April 2011 tornado, the city promised to build back stronger, safer, and smarter. The Gateway Innovation and Discovery Center was designed to open up opportunities to the community. The $2.8 million building features more than $1.4 million in massive computer screens, interactive tables and kiosks that patrons will use to access a trove of information.

The Gateway offers you two state-of-the art touchscreen kiosks that provide open access to a complete library of digital books. Whether you are doing collegiate research, compiling a reading list for your kids, or just looking for free reads, The Gateway is here to help. You’ll also discover e-magazines, videos, and educational games for the kids. All you need is a library card or Gateway card, and the possibilities are endless.

iDesign Café collaborated with the city, developing architectural firm, and AV company for over 4 months to design the custom built double sided kiosk that is the center piece of the technology center.  The kiosk took us nearly 60 days to manufacture and is one of our favorite pieces we have made.  The Gateway opened in June 2016.

Interactive Design Café is a global leader in technology innovation, working with the worlds top tech companies such as Jabil Circuits, Cisco, Google, Toshiba, Semtech, The Route 9 Innovation Center and Alberta Innovation Center. We offer an extensive range of technologies such as interactive touch kiosks, multi-touch tables, digital signage, magic mirrors, holograms, RFID, beacons, and AR using OLED and transparent LCD glass video walls, and software. These technologies captivate and connect customers to your brand. iDesign’s products and solutions are custom designed to meet your business goals and objectives.