While experiential marketing campaigns are nothing new, they have become one of the most effective ways of creating brand awareness and loyalty these days. Brands like Red Bull, GoPro and Nike are leading the way. Marketing teams are now following this lead, looking to forge more authentic relationships with their consumers. Experiential marketing (XM) campaigns have now become a must in the marketing budgets of top brands.

A well-executed experiential marketing campaign, united with cutting edge technology, such as augmented reality (AR) integration is a powerful strategy in creating a positive, lasting impression of your brand in the mind of the consumer. Which is why Interactive Design Cafe has become a valued partner for marketing agencies in the US, Latin America, Canada, and Europe.

Interactive Design Cafe recently worked with Lead Dog Marketing on a ‘Winter ONEderland’ on the 102nd floor of the One World Trade Center in NYC.

While the spectacular 360-degree views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond are amazing enough on their own, three windows will magically add a shimmering frosted finish to the view with a simple touch. These technological wonders will ignite the curiosity and amazement of all those who experience them. The Winter ONEderland experience runs Nov 17th-Jan. 7, 2018.”

A snowy owl named Ollie is a mascot for the experience, appearing in various animated displays.

The ‘Winter ONEderland’ transformed the observatory sky deck into an immersive and interactive experience for the holiday season.

Three of our 90″H 2×2 55″ transparent LCD glass touch walls play animations of Ollie interacting with the scenery, as snow falls and the windows frost when the glass is touched, allowing visitors to write their name on the frosted glass.

Interactive Design Cafe is a global leader in marketing innovation, working with marketing like companies as MKTG, Skyline Genesis, Civitasnow, Motif Events, Creative Displays, Lead Dog, etc. We offer an extensive range of technologies such as interactive touch kiosks, multi-touch tables, digital signage, magic mirrors, holograms, RFID, beacons, and AR using OLED and transparent LCD glass video walls, and software. These technologies captivate and connect customers to your brand. iDesign’s products and solutions are custom designed to meet your business goals and objectives.