We partnered with Intel to create a trade show installation using our P20 transparent LED adhesive panels. The LED panels are easy to apply by simply sticking them onto glass and connecting them via wired ribbon strips, instantly turning any glass surface into a colorful media facade.

Transparent LED adhesive panels are bendable and light weight with no need for bulky frames. The panels are made up of very thin transparent polycarbonate. The LEDs are placed using adhesive film. The film can be removed to replace damaged LEDs, and quickly put new leds back in with new adhesive film. The LEDs are capable of standing up to 80c of heat. The Transparent panels have 83% transparency, so not to block out light or view. The panels are very light weight and easy to maintain, especially being on the inside of the building, which makes accessing a lot easier. Adhesive LED panels create an unparalleled method of visual advertising when comparing the cost and installation of other technologies. Just download content from a PC or smart device using Wifi and your visual content will be ready to play in a matter of minutes.


The 3mm thick non-bezel design guarantees the highest transparency with adjustable brightness from 500-8000 nits. Our adhesive LED panels are sold per sq meter with no size limits. Easily scaled, this flexible, transparent display blends seamlessly with your environment. It’s the perfect way to showcase your space while sharing eye-catching brand design and visuals. Perfect for art installations, building facades, retail storefronts, airports, shopping malls, trade shows, auto showrooms, hotels, restaurants, etc.


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