iDesign Cafe’s Transparent Glass Touch Kiosk features a bright and beautiful 30″ Interactive touchscreen that makes your presentation seem like it’s floating in the room.

The sleek, elegant design allows it to be adapted to any environment. The kiosk is sure to attract attention and present information in the most stunning way imaginable.

A projector sits in the base and projects onto a film layer beneath a transparent touch foil. These layers are laminated into the curved glass body and make your message look holographic.


The projector is controlled by a mini PC mounted in the base. Play videos, view animations, images, text or install a software application custom tailored to your brand. This kiosk makes any presentation come to life and is perfect for museums, hotels, airports, shopping malls, government buildings, trade shows and theme parks.

Some features of the Glass Projection Kiosk are:

  • Sophisticated and modern presentation
  • Appealing, timeless design
  • Usable in broad daylight
  • Can be used at exhibitions and events
  • Looks great in any environment
  • Easy to set up

Interactive Design Cafe is dedicated to creating new and exciting multi-touch technology that serve a wide variety of commercial markets. By combining both advanced software with high performance multi-touch hardware, our solutions provide the most engaging user experience for your brand.