Interactive Design Café has partnered with Penn State University on multiple projects including designing and developing custom touch tables for their Future of Learning and Innovation Departments, and providing touch directories and wayfinding software on campus.

There are many protocols that go into becoming a vendor and selling to government and educational organizations.  Hardware must meet the schools standards of security and accessibility.  Software must also be analyzed to make sure it poses no security risks.

iDesign’s, James and Christy Mahlow, were invited to the Future of Learning classroom to talk about emerging technologies and how multitouch systems can better the collaborative learning process. The class, headed by Dr Kyle Peck, explores the use of technology for learning and innovation in education.


Dr. Peck recently served as Principal Investigator for the NASA Aerospace Education Services Project, was Director of the Regional Educational Lab for the mid-Atlantic region and Co-Director of Pennsylvania’s Classrooms for the Future Evaluation Project.

I sincerely believe that gathering students, asking them to sit and listen to someone addressing them as a group, and then to retell what they heard, will seem as silly in the very near future as viewing the earth as flat or the believing the heart to be the center of emotions seems today. – Dr Peck

Among the topics discussed were: The end of the mouse, multitouch software capabilities, potential case uses for apps in education, MOOC’s (massive open online course), multi-touch hardware, HD vs 4K resolution, modules for collaboration, the various types of touch technology, leap motion, augmented reality, virtual reality, tele-conferencing and designing the future classroom.

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