Spectacular new Ultra-thin 6mm LG Wallpaper OLED dual sided advertising displays, that can be used as hanging digital signage or standing in a fantastic modern style base. In-glass wallpaper is an innovative display option in which OLED panels are fixed between two layers of tempered glass, one at the front and one at the back.

As the surrounding structure is transparent, the display gives the impression that the signage is floating in the air and that the projection is coming directly from the glass pane. With its slim and sophisticated design and dual display, OLED signage is an excellent way to partition space while communicating your message using both sides of the panel. Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce absolutes blacks with no light bleed, offering infinite contrast and bringing colors to life with superb accuracy.

These hanging OLED panels look amazing and can maximize unused ceiling space to broadcast your message in style.  Perfect for retail, banks, airports, museums, trade shows, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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