We partnered with Motif Events to create a 210″ transparent glass touch wall installation for Goldwind.  The wall featured 2 of our 55″ touch films laminated on a glass wall that interfaced with software that was projected onto a transparent screen film on the glass surface.  The visual effect was a stunning interactive touch that looked like it was floating in the middle of their booth. Motif offers world class exhibits, branded environments, memory-space winning events and integrated brand experiences.

Interactive Design Café is a global leader in marketing technologies, working with some of the most prestigious event companies such as Skyline Genesis, Motif Events, Civitasnow, MKTG, Radiant Events, and Lead Dog Marketing. We offer an extensive range of marketing technologies such as interactive kiosks, capacitive touch tables, digital signage displays, holograms, beacons, transparent LCD glass, and video walls. These technologies captivate and connect customers to your brand. iDesign’s products and solutions are custom designed to meet your business goals and objectives.