Interactive Design Café partnered with Jabil Circuits to provide touch technologies such as capacitive touch tables, interactive kiosks, and standing LCD touch displays for their new Blue Sky Innovation Center in Silicon Valley.

Three custom branded standing touchscreen LCD displays are positioned around the showroom with interactive presentations about their products and services, research, IoT and supply chain.

Four angled touch kiosks line the hallways of their innovation laboratories showing 3D presentations with product information.

Company representative gives a demo at their grand opening on one of our 55″ capacitive touch tables.

Interactive Design Café is a global leader in technology innovation, working with the worlds top tech companies such as Jabil Circuits, Cisco, Google, Toshiba, Semtech, The Route 9 Innovation Center and Alberta Innovation Center. We offer an extensive range of technologies such as interactive touch kiosks, multi-touch tables, digital signage, magic mirrors, holograms, RFID, beacons, and AR using OLED and transparent LCD glass video walls, and software. These technologies captivate and connect customers to your brand. iDesign’s products and solutions are custom designed to meet your business goals and objectives.