Game-Changing Disruption Is Happening is your strategy ready?

Traditional approaches to strategy look to the past to predict the future. They are facing the wrong way. We believe that when you take a “future back” approach to setting strategy, you can build new paths to growth that have not yet been imagined. Disruption is coming — and no one is safe.  Today the biggest brands from every industry across the globe have one thing in common: each has confronted threats to its business model and the need to radically change its business in the face of major disruption.

Disruption is forcing companies to transform their core business to enhance and extend its life, while building a new and different business to power the future..

Optimize For The Future — not the past. This kind of duel transformation depends on leveraging an established company’s unique difficult-to-replicate assets such as brand, scale, and decades of accumulated know-how. By sharing these capabilities and assets between the efforts, the established can come out on top, and help define the future.

Research shows that executives understand the need to develop new business models that drive long-term growth, but don’t have confidence do so. The problem is often with strategy – either a lack of a coherent vision, or when there is a growth strategy, organizational antibodies that undermine it.

Duel transformation addresses one of the biggest mistakes that today’s business leaders make: a present-forward view of strategy that is based on the assumption that the future will resemble the past. As a result, their growth strategy becomes rooted in today’s business and today’s data. When change is too incremental, businesses sooner or later end up defending an obsolete business model.

Duel transformation builds on a “future-back” view of strategy, by contrast. This begins with the assumption that tomorrow will be different than today, involves looking at powerful trends that hold transformational potential, coming to consensus about the future environment, and developing shared aspirations about the company’s future state.

Business leaders have to imagine the future and begin creating it, today, in both the core business and the new growth business. They have to imagine what the company’s markets will look like in five, or ten, or twenty years; design a company that can be successful in that future; and transform today’s company right now, so it can still lead when that radically different future finally arrives.

Creating the vision to own the future. We work with leaders at both the enterprise and division level to align on a shared vision for the future: who we will become, where to play, how to win. Specifically, we help organizations to:

  • Understand fast-moving and disruptive trends and the implications for your business
  • Identify high-potential growth opportunities in adjacent and “white space” markets
  • Prioritize customer-driven opportunities
  • Identify and pursue game-changing ideas to accelerate growth
  • Develop a shared view of future aspirations, and a detailed plan for how to achieve them

iDesign Cafe helps organizations design and create the future, instead of being disrupted by it. We are a leading authority on strategic innovation and digital transformation. The company collaborates with clients across a range of industries to identify new growth opportunities, build new ventures and capabilities, and accelerate organizational change.

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