Project Description

We provided our Temperature Screening Security Gates to one of New York’s largest power companies. These gates are advanced thermal technology we designed and manufactured to serve the need of businesses reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic. These non-contact walk through thermal scanners screen for sick or ill patrons in a simple no hassle way. Simply raise your wrist or place your forehead in front of the scanner before passing through and entering the premises. If your temperature is above the normal an red light will flash and an alarm will sound.  If you read normal a green light will signal you to pass through the gate. One advantage of this unit is that it also has a metal detector function, so you do not need 2 separate security devices, and both screening procedures can be accomplished quickly. Ravenswood is located in Long Island City in Queens, New York, across from Roosevelt Island. The site is connected to the New York City electrical system through the 138 kV Vernon substation and the 345 kV Rainey substation. It is capable of producing 2,480MW of energy. At the time of its installation, it was the world’s largest energy generating facilities.The site overall produces about 2,500 MW, or approximately 20% of New York City’s current energy consumption.