Temperature Screening Kiosk reduce risk and build confidence

Automated Temperature kiosks are touchless, instantaneous, and effective. As businesses return to work after spending months sheltering in place from the Covid-19 pandemic, screening for illness is the next step in recovery. Automatic Temperature screening kiosks can greatly simplify the process by reducing the need for supplies and cost of staff required or services paid to screen employees and guests. Automated temperature kiosks also require no person to person contact, and studies have shown temperature screening to be an effective way to identify people sick persons, and maintain temperature check in records in the most efficient and passive way.


Temperature Check-in Kiosks, Thermal Cameras, Sanitization Gates, and Walk-Through Temperature Detectors allow businesses to screen and people in a way that is passive, convenient, and safe.  People simply stand in the scanning zone to check their temperature in real-time on an LCD display, with an indicator light giving them a green light to enter the premises or a red light notice they are above temperature and may have an illness. Some of our units even have 360° disinfection atomization to evenly spray adults, children, pets, or objects to disinfectant and eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus in under 15 seconds. We have the most advanced systems for various levels of disease screening that also include automatically checking masks, facial recognition check-in, recording of data, remote monitoring and visitor logs.

Temperature Screening brings confidence that a space is safe by removing the fear and paranoia that comes from uncertainty.  Passive temperature screening systems also give people the freedom to self-quarantine if needed by alerting them to an illness they may not know about, while keeping knowingly sick persons away with the awareness that the location screens for illness. Automatic temperature kiosks are the ideal solution for nursing homes, hospitals, airports, movie theaters, sporting arenas, factories, businesses, restaurants, concerts, trade show events, government buildings, courthouses, etc. We have a broad range of devices from automated temperature checkers with facial recognition, to walk through metal/temperature detector gates for enhanced security, rapid scanning thermal surveillance cameras, and walkthrough 360° disinfection channels.

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Interactive Design Café is a global leader in design and manufacturing of custom interactive kiosk, touch tables and digital signage technologies. We created the TempSafe™ line of products to offer the latest rapid, fully automated, temperature scanning commercial temperature scanning equipment to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 disease, and give businesses and organizations the tools they need to establish and maintain a trusted and safe environment. Our products automate the process to save you the time and money otherwise spent on traditional screening services. We work directly work directly with schools, municipals, police, security, businesses, churches and organizations to provide the most advanced PPE temperature screening equipment on the market. All of our Automated Temperature Scanning Devices come with a 1 Year Warranty.

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