The Covid-19 coronavirus has rattled the globe with disease, business shut downs, crashing economies, and public quarantines. As we more forward and people return to their daily lives, the only thing that’s certain is that–the world will not be the same as it was before the pandemic. It’s still unknown what the new normal will be in regards to how people will return to the workplace, cultural changes, social distancing, and safety in public spaces. The fact is that people don’t shop, travel, or eat out as much when they’re worried about getting a fatal disease, so it’s of vital importance for governments and business owners to take the necessary steps to assure public confidence in their environments to reduce the risk of infection, and put their patrons at ease.

Thermal scanners help establishments build confidence in public spaces, while balancing civil liberties with the need for pandemic response.

Temperature Check-in Devices, Thermal Displays and Walk-Through Thermal Scanners allow businesses to screen employees and consumers in a non-invasive way, which adds confidence that an establishment is a safe.  People simply stand in the scanning zone to see their thermal image in real-time on a large LCD display, or have an indicator light remain green to enter the premises. The system is available for various levels of screening situations, such as checking temperature, checking masks, facial recognition, public thermal display, and simple green/red indicator light.  Thermal scanning systems bring confidence that a space is safe, by removing the fear and paranoia that comes from uncertainty.  They also give people the freedom to self quarantine in needed by alerting them to an illness, while keeping knowingly sick persons away with the awareness that the location screens for illness.

Interactive Design Cafe is a global leader in digital signage and marketing technology that serves all sectors of industry from government to banking and education, to business, retail and digital out of home DOOH. In response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we have designed these thermal screening technologies to stop the spread of disease and help businesses built trust and recover. Please see our Product Catalog and browse our website for more information about our company, and how we can help innovate your business. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel to get in touch.