Interactive Art constitutes a dialogue between the artwork and the participant

The art world has been propelled by a new era revolutionized by technology that pushes the boundaries of the continual evolution of art. Museums, brands, and venues have been increasingly accommodating digital and interactive art into their productions. Interactive Art is continuing to grow and evolve in a somewhat rapid manner through internet social sub-culture, as well as through large scale urban installations.

Unlike traditional art forms wherein the interaction of the spectator is merely a mental event, interactivity allows for various types of navigation, assembly, and/or contribution to an artwork, which goes far beyond purely psychological activity. Interactivity as a medium produces meaning.

There are various mediums of interactive art, but one of the most notable is 3D project mapping because it has considerable appeal for media producers. It allows for large-scale presentations that can easily and cost-effectively transform a building facade or space. It’s compelling enough to draw very large audiences. And it has wide appeal for branding, advertising, trade show presentations, museum installations, entertainment happenings, public art, and themed special events. Its ephemeral nature allows a building, landscape, or interior space to become a virtual agora, offering a temporary display format that can transform one space into many different realities.

Essentially, projection mapping involves three steps: generating a 3D model of a given structure or space, creating animation or motion graphic content that conforms to it, and projecting the content onto the actual facade or space. The basic tools of this process include software such as Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, or Maya, as well as high-lumen video projectors, powerful sound systems, and media servers. By mapping and working within the exact architectural contours of a building or space, we can animate entire facades or even make them react to the environment in real time. Shapes and colors appear and morph, creatures fly or crawl across the space in 3D, weather changes in an instant—the entire space becomes a textured surface for storytelling.

Creative expression has existed through static media for most of human history, often using physical objects such as canvas and paint.  The advent of digital technology allows human expression to become free from these physical constraints, enabling it to exist independently and evolve freely.

iDesign Cafe is a team of interaction designers and software developers that work to adapt technologies for people and create unique and compelling experiences. Our process is collaborative, enabling a productive exchange of ideas and fostering a common pursuit of a singular goal. Creating an unforgettable experience requires a multitude of capable minds working together in a structured format. We know our clients come to us because they are ahead of the curve and we take pride in relationships with those who can see the potential of this medium, and the passion we bring to it.

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We design experiences that are functional, memorable and innovative. We deliver turnkey solutions, from concept to implementation. Besides traditional elements, our everyday design tools are interactive technologies like projections, sounds, touch hardware interfaces, OLED and Transparent Glass LCD Video Walls, LCD and tactile displays, hologram players, and software development, that engage users through multiple senses.

Whether it’s the celebration of an architectural space, an amusement park experience, a fashion event, or a musical festival, iDesign delivers beautiful and impactful experiences that takes your event to the next level. Our team is available to travel anywhere in the world.

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