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Executives are increasingly realizing that customer experience and experiential marketing are the most effective source of competitive differentiation —and with social media, web, and mobile experiences changing the landscape, Technology Innovation is the only way that companies can meet these high expectations.

The way people buy things has drastically changed. Purchases happen across many channels, beyond walls and locations. Today’s commerce is becoming more and more platform agnostic and more personalized than ever. People have higher expectations for how they interact and engage in their digital out of home experiences. They expect the same convenience they get with their smart appliances or mobile apps. They seek out the experiences that pay off in the same way their current digital lifestyle does.

Today’s shoppers are more informed, empowered, and demanding than ever before, so it’s critical brands and retailers distinguish themselves in the competitive marketplace to engage consumers, build loyalty, and increase sales.

Satisfied customers spend more, exhibit deeper loyalty to companies, and create conditions that allow companies to have lower costs and higher levels of employee engagement.  This dynamic of value creation and durable competitive advantage, delivering digital services and operations has emerged as a prime mover in reshaping customer experience in almost every sector.

Numerous studies have shown that two factors largely determine retail success:

Amount of time shoppers spend in the store, where if a retailer increases the time spent in the store, their sales increase; and

Extent of interaction with store personnel and merchandise, the greater and shopper interaction and engagement, the higher the sales.

The challenge for retailers today is how to make their stores more interactive for the customer, which will increase the time they spend in the store. Retailers need to stretch their imagination to create opportunities to make their stores more of an experience, which will drive engagement and inspire the imagination of their shoppers.

iDesign Café products and services help brands to engage with their customers in creative, innovative, dynamic and rewarding ways.


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