Designing For Experience in an age of expectation

How can retailers continue to buy products in mass quantity at wholesale, ship them, inventory them, merchandise them, train their staff on them, manage them and attempt to sell them, when the consumer has a growing myriad of options, channels and brands through which to buy those very same products? How many of today’s retailers will simply stand by and watch an ever-increasing percentage of their sales cleave off to an expanding mosaic of online competitors — which, by the way, may include many of their own suppliers who are now selling direct to consumers?

The physical store has the potential to be the most powerful and effective form of media available to a brand because it offers an experience, which if crafted properly, cannot be replicated online.

The Experience Is The Product. The new breed of experiential retailers will use their physical stores to perfect the consumer experience across categories of products. They will define the ideal experiential journey, employ expert product ambassadors and technology to deliver something truly unique, remarkable and memorable. So memorable in fact, that it leaves a lasting experiential imprint on the shopper. The solitary aim of these new-era retailers will be to drive significant sales for their vendors’ products across multiple channels including, at least to some extent, their own. Stores today need to position themselves as true omni-channel hubs, serving customers through multiple channels of fulfillment.


In addition to enabling users to use your service effectively and efficiently, our goal is to make them also think, “Wow, this is genius.” and to exceed their expectations desirably.

Racks of products and rows of shelving will give way to more gallery-esque store designs and artful merchandising, allowing space for in-store media and interactivity with product. Social media will be infused into the experience offering at-the-shelf reviews, ratings and comparisons of products. The store in essence will become an immersive and experiential advertisement for the products it represents and a direct portal to the entire universe of distribution channels available.

Customer experience (CX) involves multiple layers starting from the usability design passing through the user experience (UX) and all the way until all aspects during the customer journey and across all touch points accumulate and sum up in the total brand experience with the service provider brand name/image. The success in managing these multi-layers is what creates an emotional bond with customers, exceeding their expectations, decreasing their efforts and achieving their desired execution.

Brick-and-mortar retail may be struggling, but by integrating success-drivers from the e-commerce space into physical storefronts companies can create a balance that will motivate shoppers to get out from behind the screen and out into the real world when it’s time to make a purchase.

At iDesign, we help retailers to qualify and quantify the experience they deliver, the traffic they generate and the consequent downstream sales impact they influence. We are at the forefront of the latest technologies and can help you implement such tools as multi-touch tables, touchscreen kiosks, digital signage, holograms, interactive mirrors, beacon technology, RFID and software applications that transform stores into living websites.

The Showroom kiosk was most engaging and provided a comprehensive, seamless customer experience. Additionally, the expertise, development and support from IDC was of the highest caliber…real time partnership at every stage. -Denis Glenon, Welspun


We are well educated and experienced in the practice of UX Research, and more importantly turning that research into actionable insights and technology to transform your business. Our user studies ask important questions that have no preconceived notions in order to get honest feedback that provides a clear picture of how customers are actually experiencing your service, software or product. We help you eliminate obstacles by evaluating the cost-benefit trade-offs, and then providing recommendations on how to acquire more customers and drive sales by creating an enjoyable and engaging experience.  To learn more about how iDesign can help you transform your customer experience contact us below.

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