UX Research helps you discover the best user experience

iDesign Café design research provides insights that will help you prototype and concept test your ideas before they are put into development. Whether you are launching a new application, releasing new products, or pilot-testing new services, our expert team of UX researchers will help you every step of the way.

A solid understanding of the relevant technology and user behavior is required to deliver the best possible user experience.

iDesign Café allows you to accurately gauge reactions with in-depth evaluations from your target audience. As a result, you gain a better understanding of how new functionality and modifications to your touchpoints impact customer experience and your bottom line.

According to Arthur Anderson and Forrester Research, more than 83% of users will leave a website if they aren’t figuring it out quickly, which equates to an opportunity cost of half the potential sales.

iDesign Café measures the effectiveness of your website against a core set of success factors. Your target customers actually test-drive your site and return invaluable feedback on how your site can better meet their needs.