Touch Kiosks and Digital Signage make information easily accessible

Now more than ever, retailers have recognized that dynamic, well-designed content delivered on a multitude of digital screen types is critical to inform and engage customers at the point of decision.

An Insider Report study involving 50 of the most successful customer experience initiatives in 2017-18 found that more than anything, it’s the tech that might just have shown what is the next big thing for retail.

There are many benefits to touchscreens and digital signage over traditional static signs including the ability to inform, engage, and educate your customers with interactive content that is updated remotely over the web. New display technologies like the dual sided hanging OLED in glass displays take zero floor space, and add a classy presentation to your content.

Digital Signage delivers targeted, noticeable and powerful customer communications that increase sales and satisfaction.

Our technology solutions fuse the highest quality commercial HD, LCD, 4K, OLED displays, with touch technology, and powerful computers, into a stylish All-in-One design that looks beautiful and enhances communication.

Digital Signage Advertising has proven to be the most captivating way to reach potential customers with your message. So, shouldn’t your digital signage machines be equally inspiring in design to display that message? We strive to create the most elegant digital signage machines that compliment the environment, not disrespect it.

Whether it be a Touchscreen Vertical Advertising Player, Digital Signage EV Charging Station, Glasses Free 3D Digital Signage, Information Kiosk, Wayfinding Machine or Video wall, we have the most inspiring marketing technology at the best prices.

Some benefits digital signage will have on your business are:

  • Digital signage allows you to generate money from advertisers, especially for places such as large shopping centers, or city infrastructure
  • Digital signage and kiosks help to engage customers at the point of sale
  • Easily manage ad content over the cloud in real time or scheduled with remote updates pushed to all machines
  • Ability show relevant information depending on the time of day
  • Digital signage EV Charging stations generate money through advertising while drivers charge their vehicles
  • Digital signage Wi-Fi totems generate AD revenue while providing free public Wi-Fi and supporting IoT technologies for smart cities
  • Digital signage eliminates the cost and waiting time compared to printing. Content can be updated any time, and almost immediately

All our Touch Kiosks, Standing LCDs, and Digital Signage come with a 1 Year Warranty, and include a licensed pre-installed copy of Windows 10 OS. We have a large selection of designs and we can create your dream kiosk with low MOQ and only 30 days manufacturing time.  We also develop dynamic software applications to offer end-to-end branded content for self-service restaurant menus, retail experience portals, real estate plat maps, wayfinding directories, and more… Touchscreens are a natural and effective way to not only present information, but create an interactive experience in public spaces like airports, museums, auto showrooms, trade shows, hotels, hospitals, banks, retail stores, shopping malls, etc.


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