Strategy+Design Thinking brings unique value your organization

Organizations looking to grow often find themselves caught between conventional and newer approaches to innovation. While traditional strategy calls for rigorous analysis and critical thinking, design thinking espouses ‘thinking by doing’. The key is to find a balance between the two approaches.

One of the worst habits associated with traditional strategy, especially in large corporations, is overthinking — aka ‘death by analysis’. In many ways, design thinking is intended as an antidote to death by analysis. With its bias towards making, iterating and real-world learning, it often succeeds in unlocking innovation. However, applied indiscriminately, design thinking can cause a swing to the other extreme — underthinking.

Under & Over-thinking are both a result of “overshooting” beyond the mandates of Design and Strategy

Capability — the realm of what you can do — is not the problem; the question is, of all the things you can do, which ones should you do? For example, of all the mobile, cloud, retail, data and service experiences possible for your customers, which ones should you create?

At iDesign Café, we apply best parts of design thinking to the strategic discipline of considering alternatives, trade-offs and opportunity costs. The question is not whether to think or build: the question is when to build, when to think, and the how of either. And the answer lies in understanding where we are on the journey of creating new opportunities. The trick is to apply the strengths of design thinking to those of strategy in specific ways.

Interactive Design Café has made it our purpose to help organizations develop strategic technology solutions for growth; and our experience can help you on this journey.

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