Design Consulting
Innovation Solutions
Digital Transformation
Problem Solving
Web Design & Development
In-Store Interactives
Branded Software Design
E-Commerce Solutions
POS API Integration
Mobile App Development
(Android, IOS, Surface & Windows 10)

Innovation Consulting
Augmented Reality Applications
Virtual Reality for Retail
Beacon/RFID Integration
AI and Data Tracking

Visualize, Formulate & Choreograph Solutions
User Observation Research
Develop Innovative Services Not Yet Available
Redesign Products to Improve Interaction
New Technology Integration
Conceptual Design & Development
Crafting Meaningful Experiences
Multi-Touch Tables
Touchscreen Kiosks
Digital Signage & Video Walls
Motion & Magic Mirrors
Touch Cafe Tables & Self-Ordering Kiosks
Custom Touch Hardware Manufacturing
Multitouch Software Applications
Tradeshow Booth Installations
Tradeshow Interactives
Glasses Free 3D & Holographic Ad Players
Conceptual Design & Development
Interactive Art Installations
Conceptual Design & Development
3D Projection Mapping
LED/LCD Installations
Soundscapes for Immersive Experiences
3D Binaural Post Production for VR
Original Loops for Video Games
Futuristic Sound Effects for Mobile Apps
Tracks for Film, TV and Commercials