Design for Innovation creates meaningful customer experiences

Executives are increasingly realizing that customer experience is the most effective source of competitive differentiation—and with social and mobile experiences changing the landscape, service design is the only way that companies can meet these high expectations.

In today’s global marketplace, buyers are empowered by modern technology and are fully in control of the buyer-seller relationship. It’s the consumers who control the leverage, not the sellers—and with that new dynamic in place, much of the conventional business wisdom that has served CEOs nicely for the past several decades needs a complete overhaul.

Today’s shoppers are more informed, empowered, and demanding than ever before, so it’s critical brands and retailers distinguish themselves in the competitive marketplace to engage consumers, build loyalty, and increase sales. Through advanced research and testing, Interactive Design Cafe provides the latest innovations to enhance consumer experiences and improve visibility across all channels.

Why do companies want to innovate their brands or services?

  1. Business Improvement
  2. Product Extensions
  3. Industry Disruption

A Forrester report “Drive Revenue With Great Customer Experience 2017” reveals…

  • A one-point increase in the CX Index score of a mass market auto manufacturer is tied to $873 million in additional revenue
  • In retail banking, having an excellent CX rating and increasing it by 1 point can drive revenue 4x as opposed to having a sub-par CX rating and increasing it by one point

At iDesign, we visualize, formulate and choreograph solutions that are not yet available. We watch and interpret customer needs and behaviors to transform them into potential future services. The interaction between people, product and place – and how a product or system can affect our behavior – lies at the heart of our practice.

Some of our design for experience features are:

  1. Visualize, Formulate & Choreograph Solutions
  2. Participatory Design Exercises & User Observation
  3. Develop & Innovative Services Not Yet Available
  4. Redesign Products to Improve Customers Interaction
  5. Integrate New Technologies
  6. Conceptual Design & Development
  7. Crafting Meaningful Experiences

iDesign Cafe’s comprehensive design for experience solution makes use of experience strategy, human centered design, journey mapping, sales marketing automation, empathy, data analytics and the latest technology innovations -to help you deliver superior customer experiences that foster advocacy and revenue growth.

Interactive Design Café was listed as a leading Service Design Agency by Forrester Research in 2013 View Report