Service Design for Innovation creates meaningful customer experiences

Executives are increasingly realizing that customer experience is the most effective source of competitive differentiation—and with social and mobile experiences changing the landscape, service design is the only way that companies can meet these high expectations.

In today’s global marketplace, buyers are empowered by modern technology and are fully in control of the buyer-seller relationship. It’s the consumers who control the leverage, not the sellers—and with that new dynamic in place, much of the conventional business wisdom that has served CEOs nicely for the past several decades needs a complete overhaul.

Service design is the most important design sub-specialty in the world today. -Kerry Bodine, VP of Forrester Research

Why do companies want to innovate their brands or services?

  1. Business Improvement
  2. Product Extensions
  3. Industry Opportunity and Threats

Unlike customer experience firms that take an approach akin to management consulting, service designers leverage human-centered design practices like ethnographic research, co-creation, and low-fidelity prototyping. The combination of these practices enable us to more quickly—and cheaply—identify the real customer and corporate problems that they need to address and develop effective solutions.

At iDesign, we visualize, formulate and choreograph solutions that are not yet available. We watch and interpret customer needs and behaviors to transform them into potential future services. The interaction between people, product and place – and how a product or system can affect our behavior – lies at the heart of our practice.

Some of our service design features are:

  • Help you identify problem areas and generate ideas for improvement.
  • Examine the operations, culture, and structure of your organization for impact on service experience.
  • Analyzing, organizing, storyboarding, defining touchpoints, A/B testing and blueprinting the new service experience.
  • Redesigning your products to improve the way they allow your customers to interact while they use your service.
  • Design spaces so that they deliver a service more efficiently.
  • Creating printed material, websites, software and branding to communicate what your service is all about.

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