Designing For Experience in an age of expectation

The physical store has the potential to be the most powerful and effective form of media available to a brand because it offers an experience, which if crafted properly, cannot be replicated online.

The Experience Is The Product. Innovative retail technology like digital signage, touchscreens, holograms, etc, brings products to life so that they visually jump out of the box and interact with the customer. Touch displays and kiosks can help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for without ever speaking with anyone, and give them the option to call the nearest clerk whenever they need help. The Educating and Advertising of products has never been easier or had such an impact as today.

In addition to enabling users to use your service effectively and efficiently, our goal is to make them also think, “WOW, this is genius.” and to exceed their expectations desirably.

At Interactive Design Cafe, we help retailers to qualify and quantify the experience they deliver, the traffic they generate and the consequent downstream sales impact they influence. We are at the forefront of marketing technologies, and can help you implement latest hardware and software to transform retail spaces into interactive art environments.

The Showroom kiosk was most engaging and provided a comprehensive, seamless customer experience. Additionally, the expertise, development and support from IDC was of the highest caliber…real time partnership at every stage.

-Denis Glenon, – UTR


We are well versed in the practice of Service Design and UX Research; more importantly turning that research into actionable insights and technology to transform your business.

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